IMG_1702Core Cellular Healing

Since meeting Jane at Ger Lyon’s Core and Cellular Transformation events, I have seen Jane evolve and blossom in both her spiritual life and healing practice.  She is a natural when it comes to facilitating her own Core and Cellular Transformation groups.  Jane is a wise and knowledgeable healer with a heart for helping others. She has been blessed with the ability to channel a subtle yet palpable energetic transmission that assists in rapid, transformational healing! – Sandra

 Past Life Regressions

“Jane is a gifted healer.  Her gentle manner of guiding enabled me to feel safe throughout the past life regression session.  I was amazed at the imagery and emotions that surfaced with ease and how they were precisely the themes and lessons that I am encountering in this life.  Everyone should give themselves the gift of a past life regression session.”- S. Myles

My experience with Jane and revisiting the past life was surprising at the very least. I  found that it was easy to go back when guided in this manner and the color connection for me worked well. Afterwards I was surprised to “feel” the difference that this process made.

It was like a clearing of sorts that enlightened me and enabled me to see and move forward with less distraction. I felt lighter somehow and as if I had done work that was much needed.-  Swan

Jane is very skilled intuitively and has great insight. It was a pleasure to meet with Jane and get some excellent advice into what I need to focus on in my life in order to bring about positive change for a more fulfilling experience.  – Kara

Thank you for the wonderful session we had. It was an amazing journey. I received much comfort and insight from our session. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. I am looking forward to our future sessions and to experience your peaceful spiritual energy once again. Jane thank you, for being you!
Manda Ghag (www.mandatealeafreading.com)