Reiki Energy & Circle Work

New-Picture-6Reiki is an  ancient form of energy work. Reiki comes from Japan and the practitioner uses the hands to move energy.

It involves using the energy to release and breakdown or melt away  stagnant areas or blockages that have accumulated within our bodies and/or the energy field that surrounds us. Day to day we pick up stresses and frustrations that do not always leave our body or the surrounding energy field (our aura). As these energies builds up we may notice we have less patience with ourselves or others. Our bodies may ache more as the stagnant energy accumulates more and/or we may become sick more often. This is a great time to receive some Reiki and release those energy patterns that we have been holding onto. Then we can allow ourselves to become more centred and relaxed. At the end of the Reiki, I will let you know if I receive any images words or feelings.

What does it feel like?

Most of the time the energy will feel very warm and relaxing,  but if your body needs a cooler energy then that is what you will receive. If you do feel cold or if anything is uncomfortable or too intense please let me know, then I can fix it straight away.

Why do you spend longer on some parts of the body than others?

This work is done intuitively; it is what your body is calling for. If there is pain in some areas then I will spend some time gently releasing and pulling out that energy before the Reiki goes in. Sometimes I need to work on an area that has no pain for longer, it is the intuition and guidance that dictate the work.

What should I do before & after?

Drink plenty of water and whether you are having Reiki or not give yourself time to relax even if only for a short time.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today I will not worry
Just for today I will not be angry
Just for today I will do my work honestly
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbors and every living thing.

[This is a version taken from the Reiki Handbook by Larry Arnold & Sandy Nevius]

These sessions are approximately an hour but please leave an hour and fifteen minutes, so that I can make sure you are fully grounded before you to rush anywhere.

Energy Circles

When people come together to sit in circle, the energy will move through and around the circle, bringing together both our singular and group consciousness. This allows the energy to resonate as a harmony of oneness. As the energy changes, we can begin dropping the stress’ and tasks of the day that can occupy so much of our mind.

Music helps to establish the open ambience for circle work. I put my hands on everyone’s shoulders in for a few minutes and move around the circle so the energy builds and the releasing begins. In order to do this work I first ask for the highest transmission of healing light, love and illumination to be present.

We use a variety of tool such as crystals smudging and earth energy.

Circles are held in a variety of venues. Please contact me for further planning of an energy circle.