Past Life Regression


We often remember past lives as fleeting glimpses or connections in this world.  We may visit new places and just have a feeling of knowing that place, although in this life we have never been there before.  We might meet people and connect with them almost instantly and form incredible friendships.

Looking at past lives is just a memory from our souls journey, the process is to journey back to remember those things that are helpful for our current life. There are many reasons for looking at past lives, it may be as simple as it just feels right and I want to do it now. Or.. I have spent years looking at this problem trying to deal with it from every possible angle and nothing is answering this, so I am going to look at my past lives.

Our history has elements of great beauty, but it has also been very brutal. When we take a look back it is with hindsight we look and gain different understanding of the world that we live in today. The knowledge of choices we have today, was  not always available in the past lives, but this will allows us to change perspective more rapidly. Whatever has happened good or bad or ugly has happened and is a memory. Once it is spoken, then the process of release and change can begin which allows us to connect more fully and know ourselves.


These are approximately one hour but please leave an hour and fifteen minutes, so that I can make sure you are fully grounded before you to rush anywhere. I work from my home in Victoria but will also travel to you.


Jane led me through a past life regression session to explore some trauma issues. As a result of our work together I notice that I experience much less anxiety now.

Jane is a caring and skilled practitioner and I immediately felt safe in her presence. Before the regression began, we took time to discuss my issues and identified goals for the session. Jane told me about her background, the benefits of past life regression therapy, and outlined the sequence of the session. I found it reassuring to know exactly what to expect.

My session included regression to events that happened when I was 5 years old and to a past life. Jane managed the session adeptly and it was easy for me to access memories even though they were distressing, and we dealt thoroughly with the issues we discovered. As this was quite an emotional experience, Jane spent time with me afterwards, talking about our findings — and my feelings about it all — over tea. She made sure I was comfortable with the outcome of the session.

The results of the regression therapy were immediate and are enduring. I used to feel a low-grade anxiety all the time, and now it is gone! I feel much better and more confident.

I plan to undertake further sessions with Jane to look at other aspects of my life that I think may be connected to my early life or to a past life.

I highly recommend Jane for past life regression work. You will be in good hands.

J.B., Victoria