Core Cellular Transformation

croped-imageCore Cellular transformation is a very simple process with profound results.

This is not an intellectual change, rather a deep releasing of energetic and habitual patterns or events that reside in the cells within our body. As we release old patterns and deep emotions, we start to connect back to our true self and the things that are not needed will drop away.  As the process builds, our bodies begin to fill with vitality, and we can begin to shine again as ourselves.

“I would like to thank you so much for the work you have done.  I still admit that I have no idea how this works, but it works! 

“You have really helped me with things that I honestly didn’t even know were there.  I smile whenever I think of the emotions that you evoked from me and how they are no longer anything to be concerned with. …..well, most of them :)”
Brenda M. 2013

The process in a group:

A sacred Celtic invocation is spoken, which brings through a higher transmission of sacred healing energy. This energy comes from a place of pure love, from our creator.

Then each person talks about whatever is coming up. My job as facilitator is to fully and completely listen to the person talking so they can be heard and seen on all levels of being. Then prayer is a call and response format.

Using these ancient chanting practices, the circle gains energy.  We once again to give time to allow for some internal processing before the session comes to an end.


Groups are approximately one and one half hours but please leave extra time as the process may take longer.

1 to 1 sessions also available. Please allow an hour to an hour and 15 mins.

Cost: Groups are $20.oo/session and 1 to 1 is $90.00  per session.